Welcome to our OPEN ARMS Catholic Charismatic Community

Open Arms is a 501-c-3 religious and charitable organization. Leadership is Roman Catholic, but everyone is welcome. Open Arms began in 1972. A group of Catholics who had recently experienced a personal Pentecost met to pray. We wanted to share the blessing of the “baptism in the Holy Spirit.” Our numbers grew and over the years, we met in several different parish halls. We are part of the worldwide Catholic Charismatic Renewal, a Spirit-inspired grassroots revival that began among American Catholics in 1967. We have sponsored Charismatic Conferences in the El Paso Diocese for some forty years as well as Life in the Spirit Seminars and Retreats. In 1993, we purchased an old adobe dance hall, now our Charismatic Center. It houses our office, prayer chapel, bookstore, Catholic library, hall for weekly prayer meetings and Bible studies in English and Spanish, thrift store, and ministry to the poor.  We were inspired in 2000 to buy a large property next door where, with God’s help, we will build the Holy Spirit Retreat and Renewal Center.  For the latest news about our community check out our Latest Newsletter!